The USB keyboard and mouse in the Windows 10 operating system stopped working

Problem description: The USB keyboard and USB mouse stopped working after connecting the smartphone (via USB cable) to a computer running the Windows 10 Pro operating system.

  • Motherboard: MSI Z370 RRAIT GAMING
  • Keyboard: Genius KB 110 (connection interface: USB)
  • Mouse: Logitech M100 (connection interface: USB)

The keyboard and mouse are the simplest and do not require the installation of additional drivers.

The keyboard and mouse stop working immediately after the Windows 10 startup. Only the keyboard and mouse do not work. All other devices (webcam, flash drives) work fine.

Older keyboard and mouse models with a PS / 2 connection interface work fine. In the BIOS (before starting Windows boot), all keyboards and mice (USB and PS / 2) work fine.

Cause of the problem:

This problem occurs because of a conflict in the software. On the official website of to solve this problem, they suggest reinstalling the Windows operating system (if the drivers do not restart and update).

Ways of solving the problem:

To fix the problem, I used all the methods that are offered on the Internet (reboot, reinstall drivers, remove devices, make changes to the registry). Nothing helped!

I reinstalled Windows 10, and everything started working right away.

If you have the same problem that you could not solve by updating the drivers, then I suggest reinstalling Windows 10. For me this was the only way to solve the problem.

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