EUROCOM Neptune Drivers Download

Drivers and Software for Windows

Model: EUROCOM Neptune Notebook / Laptop

Special Feature(s): RAID 0/1/5; 32GB of RAM support
Spindle Design: 3; 2x HDD + 1x ODD
Main Chipset: Intel Huron River HM67
BIOS Size/Name: Phoenix
Processor: Intel Mobile Sandy Bridge; 32nm; i3, i5; i7
Video Memory/Type: 4GB/2GB/1.5GB DDDR5
Video / GPU: MXM 3.0b; NVIDIA GTX 580M/560M485M/470M/460M/5010M/FX3800M/FX2800M; AMD HD5870/HD6970M
Built-in PC Camera: 2M
Display: 17.3inch LED Backlit; FHD 1920×1080; 3D optional
Memory: 32GB; 4x 8GB

Drivers and Software for Windows

Drivers and Software for EUROCOM Neptune. This is the drivers that will provide full functionality for your selected model.

Computer technologyDriver consists of several functions that handle certain events of the operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac or another operating system). Usually these are the following main events: loading (registration of the driver in the system, primary initialization, etc.); unloading (the driver frees up the involved resources — processor, memory, etc.; opening (beginning of the main work); reading / writing data from the device or to the device (which is serviced by the driver); file descriptor).

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