EUROCOM P180HM Leopard 2.0 Drivers Download

Model: EUROCOM P180HM Leopard 2.0 Notebook / Laptop

Drivers and Software for Windows




Eurocom /

generic / P180HM_Bios04.rar

EC /

This is the drivers that will provide full functionality for your selected model.

Special Feature(s): 18.4-inch notebook with both CrossfireX and SLI support; Built-in light sensor to adjust LCD brightness
Spindle Design: 4; ODD+3x HDD
Main Chipset: HM67
System Bus/FSB: Sandy Bridge
Processor: 2nd Generation Intel Mobile Core i3/i5/i7/i7E;32nm;FCPGA988
Processor Cache: 3/6/8MB L3
Socket Type/Spec: FCPGA988
Processor Speed(s): up to 2.80GHz
Video Memory/Type: 1.5/ 2/4 GB DDR5
Video / GPU: 2x MXM 3.0b; NVIDIA: GTX 560M; Quardro 5010M/4000M/3000M; AMD: HD6970M/HD6990M
Built-in PC Camera: 2M
Display: 18.4-inch FHD 1920×1080
Memory: 24GB; 3

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